School commissioners at the English Montreal School Board voted Wednesday not to rescind earlier decisions on the possible closure of some of its schools.

Parents and even the head of the board's teachers' association questioned the integrity of the school closure process, one that will have public consultations on the potential closures of Carlyle in T.M.R., Nesbitt in Rosemount, St. Brendan in Rosemount, Fraser Academy in St. Laurent, James Lyng High School in St. Henri, St. Gabriel in Point St. Charles and St. John Bosco in Ville Emard.

A more disturbing revelation at Wednesday night's meeting is that some people are so angered by the prospect of losing their school, that threatening e-mails have been sent to EMSB chair Angela Mancini.

"E-mail threats have to be taken seriously and we think they came from some of the parents," said EMSB spokesman Mike Cohen.

Wednesday's meeting was held to vote on a motion presented by two parent commissioners to rescind the previous school closure decision.

Except it didn't take long for the meeting to become heated and police officers were on hand to make sure nothing got out of hand.

The two parent commissioners argued that the process was tainted from the outset and they had lost confidence in the council.

But after almost every one of the commissioners had spoken, the end result remained the same, meaning the seven schools potentially on the chopping block due to dwindling enrollment numbers will remain slated to close.

Commissioner James Kromida says the decision to close schools is not taken lightly but it is one taken out of necessity.

He says if the EMSB doesn't go forward with the closures, the provincial education ministry will.

"Because let me tell you, if we don't do it, they will," he said.

Not all comissioners agreed with Kromida. Julien Feldman was among those who differed.

"The commissioners of the EMSB who are bringing this argument quite suddenly, are fear mongering," said Feldman.

Parents say there's no proof of that and they wanted a one year reprieve.

To add to the acrimony, the parent commissioners said they'll speak to the central parents committee about possible trusteeship for the board, a sign that the trust and in-fighting between EMSB commissioners and parents has reached a new low.