The English Montreal School board is threatening legal action to prevent the transfer of multiple schools to the Commission Scolaire de la Pointe de L'Ile.

Commissioners held an emergency meeting Wednesday, one day after learning through the media that the Education Minister had rejected other proposals made by the school board.

Chair Angela Mancini said the EMSB will do whatever it can to stop the government.

"At this time I believe we need to also stand up and tell the government that you just can't do whatever it wants, and on top of it give us deadlines and we're waiting for the next step, and the next step, and the next step, and the next step. The uncertainty to our community is unfair and it's disrespectful," said Mancini.

Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge and his representatives, including anglophone secretary Christopher Skeete, have said until cabinet approves the decree it would still be possible for the two school boards to negotiate a solution.

Roberge said it would be possible for the CSPI to rent the space from the EMSB, but that he was opposed to having the boards share the space.

Mancini reiterated that negotiations were pointless since the Minister had made it clear that the government was going to take extreme measures to transfer the schools.

The board said it has been told the provincial cabinet will approve Roberge's decree on June 26.