With just three days before Quebec’s 42nd provincial election, the battle between the Liberals and CAQ is going down to the wire.

The latest poll, conducted by Ipsos-Reid for La Presse and Global News, shows Francois Legault and the CAQ at 32 percent of support, with the Liberals just a single point behind them.

It’s also a dead heat at the other end, with the PQ at 18 percent and the QS with 16 percent of support.

The survey was conducted between September 26 and 28, with 1,250 participants.

87 percent of respondents said they were certain of their choice.


Liberals concentrating on Quebec City

Philippe Couillard spent Friday in Quebec City, trying to fend off the CAQ in what was once fertile Liberal ground.

The party leader had an active day, touring local businesses and taking selfies on the waterfront.

He dismissed the notion from pollsters that Legault’s party could sweep the city.

“We are going to win this election,” Couillard said. “I hope with a majority.”


Legault talks trade with Board of Trade

Francois Legault was courting the commerce community, speaking at the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.

“This team has what it takes to deliver on our promise to do better for Quebec,” he said.

Legault said that as good as things are, they should be even better, and promised to double foreign investment in the province.

He also said he’d be open to lowering income taxes.

Legault, however, didn’t mention anything about his plan to lower the number of immigrants the province accepts.


Quebec Solidaire eyeing Lisee’s riding

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois broke from tradition on Friday, campaigning in Rosemont, the riding of PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee.

Party leaders don’t normally campaign in ridings held by other party leaders, but Quebec Solidaire is ignoring that custom.

Co-spokespeople Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Masse have each been to the riding several times.

The PQ has held the seat since the 90s, but that isn’t phasing Nadeau-Dubois.

“It’s a riding we can take,” he said.


Lisee fending off questions about spat with Masse

Despite his efforts to have positive messaging as the campaign winds down, PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee was again answering questions about his party's war of words with Manon Masse.

“Listen, you know that I’ve heard a lot about freedom of expression,” he said.

Speaking in Action Vale in the Monteregie, the PQ said that its was a party of big dreams.

“We have this biggest dream," said deputy leader Veronique Hivon. "We have this biggest project possible for a nation."