For the first time, Canada Post is honouring singers who perform in French.

This Thursday, July 2, Canada Post will issue the "Canadian Recording Artists" stamp series.

Edith Butler, Robert Charlebois, Bryan Adams and Stompin' Tom Connors will be decorating envelopes with their 54 cent postage.

Charlebois is tickled pink by the honour and says he can't wait to send his image to friends overseas.

"My next letter, I will mail it to friends in France with my face on the envelope. In the U.S., they had Mickey Mouse, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, and I will tell that that now, it's my turn," said Charlebois.

Charlebois said, half-jokingly, that his only regret is that his face isn't on the $20 bill

Edith Butler is also happy with the recognition, since she used to collect stamps as a child.

Earlier this year Butler won the Governor General's Award for the Performing Arts, and last year Charlebois was made an Officer of the Order of Quebec.