A food distribution company called Sysco is offering a $10,000 bonus for new hires in Quebec to attract drivers amid the ongoing labour shortage.

"The labour challenges we're going though in our industry [are] critical, so this is something every vendor, every distributor and every customer is facing right now," said Guillaume Dubois, president of Sysco's Quebec division.

The trucker shortage is a worldwide issue -- but according to one expert in operations management, this kind of approach isn't a long-run solution.

"These types of incentives -- short term -- always bottleneck [the] supply chain," said Mehmet Gumus, a professor in McGill's Faculty of Management.

Gumus said big bonuses mean workers move within the industry, which doesn't get to the heart of the labour shortage and supply-chain issues.

"Because companies are not changing together, it creates disruption," he explained. "People move to well-paying jobs because of incentives."

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