The deadline for most drivers to install winter tires is Saturday Dec. 15, 2018.

As of that date winter tires, with the appropriate symbol on the sidewall, are mandatory for all non-emergency passenger vehicles.

The fine for not having appropriate tires is from $200 to $200 plus additional fees.

There are a few exceptions including for new vehicles, cars with dealer plates, motor homes, and for spare tires. Drivers can also apply for an exemption if they are heading out of province.

Winter tires must remain on cars until March 15.

Next year the Highway Safety Code will require winter tires to be installed as of Dec. 1.

However the CAA, and the SAAQ, recommend drivers not wait until the deadline to change tires. They point out that summer tires, or all-season tires, begin losing traction around 7 C.

Using winter tires throughout the warmer months is also not ideal since the rubber is very soft and wears out very quickly in the heat.