The election of United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney in Alberta will not impact Quebec's stance on pipelines, Premier Francois Legault said Wednesday.

During his victory speech, Kenney spoke a few words in French, calling on Quebec to help Alberta develop its natural resources and economy.

In response, Legault affirmed that there is no 'social acceptability' for an oil pipeline in the province.

In December, Legault remarked that he was not inerested in Alberta's "dirty energy" - a comment that was ill-received by politicians out west at the time.

Kenney - a firey defender of petroleum energy - was voted in as Alberta's Premier-designate on Tuesday night.

Legault congratulated Kenney on his ''clear win,' as well as his French address. 

"It was an elegent gesture to speak in French in addressing a few words to me," he told reporters in Quebec City Wednesday morning. 

Finance minister Eric Girard tried to focus on the positives.

"He actually had some very good words for Quebec yesterday," he said. "It's in the interest of Canada that both provinces do well and we intend on making sure that this is happening."

The opposition, meanwhile, viewed Kenney's remarks as a threat. 

"He knows how the equalization program works," said former finance minister Carlos Leitao. "So it's all the more surprising that he goes in that direction."

While Legault hasn't wavered in his stance regarding transportation of crude oil, he says he is open to discussing the LNG project - a $10 million venture that would see the construction of a pipeline that insteadcarries natural gas.

The leaders are expected to have a phone exchange on Wednesday afternoon.