MONTREAL - Pointe Claire's history is being told through pictures on a wall of the main drag thanks to a stunning new mural.

The 250 square metre mural, much of it painted during chilly climes, celebrates the history of the West Island municipality from trappers to rappers.

The Pointe-Claire Heritage Preservation society designed a timeline and the artists put paint to concrete to get it done.

"It's really a continuum in time and it's helping people know where they come from, where they are and where they are going," said Roger Simard, pharmacy owner.

He was not the only admirer of the massive artwork, the 45th done in in the province by Murale Creation of Quebec City.

"It's a great opportunity for us to create a full community and a great way for people outside of our community to come and see what an amazing place it is here," said Nedia El Khouri of the Viva Vida art gallery.

Pointe Claire celebrated its centennial in 2011 and will fete its tricentennial in 2013 as a Catholic parish under the French regime.

The town remained a French farming village until early in the 20th century when it became a summer vacation spot.

A section of the mural depicts that chapter of the city's history, while another section celebrates the city's proud history as an aeronautic pioneer, having hosted Canada's first air show in 1910.

The town has grown to over 30,000 and many of its sons and daughters have gone on to fame, including politician William Shaw, the now-royal Autumn Kelly-Phillips, rocker Sam Roberts, tennis player Greg Rusedski, war hero Leo Major and hockey players Alex Burrows, Benoit Brunet and Louis Leblanc.