Six people, including Dany Villanueva, appeared in court Friday after a drug raid in Montreal North snapped up 15 people.

Montreal police raided a residence on Arthur Chevrier St. around 4 p.m. Thursday and arrested 14 people. However two people tried to flee, and police shot one person with a rubber bullet.

The wounded man was brought to hospital with head injuries, and remained in hospital on Friday morning.

Because of those injuries, the Sureté du Quebec has taken over the investigation.

Of the six people who appeared in court, five, including Villanueva, will spend the weekend in jail. Their bail hearings will be Monday. They face charges including conspiracy to commit drug trafficking and drug possession.

Villanueva was taken into custody in Repentigny. His brother Fredy was shot and killed when police tried to arrest Dany in a park in 2008.

In 2010, Dany was ordered to be deported to his native Honduras because of his criminal record; he has a history of associating with gangs.

His lawyer argued his life could be in danger if he returned, and in February, immigration officials agreed to let him stay in Canada as long as he obeyed the law. 

The Immigration Minister can re-order Villanueva deported if he is convicted of another crime. 

Police released five people without charges on Thursday, and one person was freed with conditions.

Police say they seized $2,280 in cash, 237 grams of marijuana, and two rocks of crack cocaine.