In NDG, workers have reached a crucial stage in the $110 million project to build a link between the Vendome station and the MUHC’s Glen site.

The building will allow more people to go through the station and give those in wheelchairs access to the super hospital.

Train service to the station has been suspended since Thursday night so that a tunnel could be slid under the tracks.

Work to position the tunnel finished early Saturday morning – and faster than officials had hoped, considering the potentially complicated setbacks builders could have faced in the process.

A time lapse video from the site shows the premade, 12 metre deep tunnel slid into place on Friday afternoon – a process that took about 12 hours to do, and has never been done before in Canada.

As they did that, a machine finished carving the tunnel on the outside of the concrete sleeve. 

Work finished at about 1 am Saturday morning.

Eighteen metres of train track were cut in order to slide the tunnel into place, but will be replaced shortly so train service can resume Tuesday morning. 

Workers have been on the site 24 hours a day

Construction will be finished next year, and the building will open for public use in fall 2020.

The new building itself is expected to double the capacity of the metro and train station by 2022.

Many people with mobility issues like wheelchairs and strollers don't use the station now, instead opting to use a bus shuttle to access the hospital.