MONTREAL -- Quebec reported 1,807 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the largest single-day increase since April 9, as the province straddled the peak of its spring wave of COVID-19.

If Quebec's daily case counts continue to grow, daily infections will exceed what was recorded during the springtime coronavirus swell.

On April 9, 2021, the province reported 1,868 cases, according to Quebec's public health institute (INSPQ). It was the highest number reported since January -- as the province was coming off the winter wave, which had pushed the government to introduce strict lockdown measures, including a curfew. 

On Thursday, public health reported overall hospitalizations increased by 13 to a total of 255 people receiving care.

That's after 35 more people entered hospital with COVID-19 symptoms, and 22 were reportedly no longer receiving care since Wednesday morning.

Of those in hospital, 60 are in the ICU, an overall increase of one.

One more person has been reported dead, bringing that total to 11,597.

Public health is monitoring 940 active outbreaks and 12,085 active cases within the province.

Thursday's update was based on 36,620 analyzed tests. The positivity rate was 4.2 per cent.  

Note: Thursday's total of 1,807 cases is slightly lower than what was previously reported to CTV News by a source within the health ministry, who said the province had logged 1,821 new cases. 


As of Wednesday morning, public health says 221,126 Quebec children aged five to 11 had gotten their first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 82,180 had an appointment to get theirs soon.

That's about one in three children in that age group who have their first shot, including 14,000 doses that were administered within that demographic Wednesday.

As of Thursday morning, 81 per cent of eligible Quebecers (aged five and up) have been fully vaccinated, and 87 per cent have gotten at least one dose.

As for third, or "booster" shots, four per cent have received one, the majority of whom are newly eligible people aged 70 and up. 

Of Thursday's 1,807 cases, 960 of those infections were dicovered among people who had gotten their first dose less than two weeks prior, or never got a shot at all.  

That group also accounted for 20 of the 35 new hospitalizations.

Public health says unvaccinated people are 3.2 times more likely to catch COVID-19, and 15.8 times more likely to end up in hospital after getting sick. 


Quebec's Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault announced Thursday morning police across the province have been advised to crack down on violations of health measures over the holidays.

Police have been instructed to pay close attention to restaurants and bars in particular, the minister said, to ensure owners are keeping track of their clients' vaccine passports.

"It is important to maintain safe behavior during the holidays, for our health and to get us out of this pandemic as quickly as possible," said Guilbault in a press release.

"Increased interventions" are set to take place during the holiday period, particularly on Dec. 9-11 and 16-18.