MONTREAL - Verdun extended this week a pilot project on whether to build a bike path that takes up parking spots along a road and has citizens divided.

Some Verduners who spoke to CTV News on Friday said they like the new bike path.

"It's a good system to get bikers out of Verdun and into downtown," one person said.

But for others, the bike path has not been a success.

"It was just a disaster," said Justin Etheridge. "They threw it on us and we had to deal with it."

"Delivery trucks losing their minds trying to find a place to park. Ticketing, lots of tickets being handed out, big fines. Chaos, complete chaos," Etheridge added.

A two-year pilot project to gauge the effectiveness of the path, which takes up part of the street and limits parking, was supposed to end this week.

But the project is still contentious, and the borough decided to prolong the project.

Drivers tend to dislike the path, while cyclists support it, according to Sterling Downey, a Verdun city councillor.

"It was such a contentious thing at the beginning that dialogue really wasn't a part of the whole thing," he said. "This is a pilot project. This is not set in stone. I know people believe that it is, but it in order to get the proper statistics on how this works, what's good and bad about it, you actually have to try it."

The city has yet to release any numbers on how many people use the bike path. 

With files from CTV Montreal's Billy Shields