The Liberal stronghold riding of St. Leonard-St. Michel may be up for grabs for the first time as Conservative candidate Ilario Maiolo hopes back-to-back scandals hurt the governing party.

Montreal City Councillor Patricia Lattanzio replaced candidate Hassan Guillet to run for the Liberals, after Guillet was ousted from the candidacy for controversial remarks on social media.

"I intend to be able to gain the confidence of the constituents of St. Leonard-St. Michel to be able to bring forward my platform," said the city councillor.

Lattanzio wants to focus on the youth, middle class, aging population and environment.

Maiolo hopes the Guillet scandal coupled with the one caused by the release of photos showing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface will help the Conservatives win the riding for the first time.

"The people in the riding have been very energetic, very positive, (and) there's a feeling of change," said Maiolo. "I can't help but feeling very energized."

The Liberals have held the riding since 1988.