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'Congratulations': Celine Dion praises Quebec DJ for new mashup featuring her vocals


Sometimes, social media can do magical things.

That's the case of a Quebec DJ who created a mashup of Céline Dion's song I'm Alive and the 1979 single by soul group The Whispers, And the Beat Goes On.

The Jammin Kid regularly posts videos of himself mixing short musical mashups for his "making artists meet" series on Instagram, but the one he shared in February featuring Dion's hit from 2002 quickly went viral with nearly 10 million views. The Instagram video caught the attention of U.K. music producer Majestic who loved it so much he collaborated with the local spin master to create a fresh, danceable track.

Set My Heart On Fire was released Friday on streaming platforms. Even the Queen herself loves the tune.

"Wow! By the incredible power of music, collaboration and the internet... 'Set My Heart on Fire' is available on all streaming platforms now! Congratulations," Dion's team wrote on Instagram on Friday sharing a clip of the song.

Prior to the release, The Jammin Kid released a full version of the song on SoundCloud due to popular demand, but explained in a recent video that he couldn't release a proper version on any of the big streaming platforms like Spotify because he didn't have the rights to either of the songs. But after Majestic reached out to him, he offered to collaborate and produce an official version with approval from Dion's team for her vocals.

The local DJ even got some praise from Swedish music producer Andreas Carlsson who wrote I'm Alive for Dion. "I wrote the song and love it!" Carlsson wrote in a post Top Stories

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