New regulations proposed by the government this week will mean Canadians won't be allowed to buy cannabis-infused booze when other marijuana-laced "edibles" become legal next fall.

The regulations say cannabis-infused alcoholic products would not be permitted in Canada, except where the alcohol content is minimal, and they would have to be labelled as non-alcoholic.

The draft regulations, released Thursday by Health Canada, propose three new classes of cannabis -- edibles, extracts and topicals -- and includes a hard cap on the amount of T-H-C these products can contain.

Restrictions would also be placed on ingredients that would make edible cannabis more appealing to children, such as sweeteners or colourants, or adding ingredients that could encourage consumption, such as nicotine.

Cannabis edibles that appear or are packaged like candy or other familiar children's foods would also be banned.

Ottawa is gathering public input on these proposed rules until February 20th.