The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented challenges for Montrealers and the local economy. Numerous media companies, including CTV and Bell Media, are encouraging people to do their best to support local businesses who have been profoundly affected by the virtual lockdown of our community.

When you have to shop for essential goods or are shopping online, please consider helping out local businesses above all. After all, the people who run those businesses are your fellow citizens, and your neighbours.

So here is a list of valued CTV and Bell Media clients who remain open for business, either at their storefronts or online. We thank them for helping to keep our economy running and its citizens supplied with what they need. We encourage you to help them out too.

- Louis Douville, Regional Director, Local Sales Quebec, Bell Media.

Please Note: Only essential services like restaurants have physical locations open. Others are online only. So please be sure to contact them before heading out to a location.


Au Coq


Berchicci Italian Foods

Bon C Bon

Chez Ma Tante

Club Piscine


Energy Transportation Group

Eatz Chez Vous

Elna Medical

Eye Drop Shop     



Groupe Qualinet 

Industries Bonneville

Magic Lockers

Maison Corbeil 

Marché de l’Ouest

Matelas Dauphin 



Quebec Honda Dealers 

Quebec Used Car Dealers Association


Rotisseries Benny

Selection Retraite

Souvlaki Bar Restaurant