A massive fundraising campaign for the Shriners Hospital for Children came to an end Wednesday, a success thanks to some impressive donors.

The Exceptional Care for Exceptional Kids campaign raised some $130 million to construct the new building at the Glen site.

Among the 6,000 donors was tiny wonder Carter Brown.

“In the last five years, I've raised almost $66,000 for the construction of the new superhospital,” said the nine-year-old campaign ambassador.

“I want to give back for what they've done… helping me walk, run give me all my strengths, everything,” he said.

Born with brittle bone disease, Carter suffered 14 fractures by the time he was a month old.

Doctors feared he would never walk.

“As parents, it was hard to hear that he was never going to walk, but more importantly it was hard to hear that he was going to live a life of pain,” said Carter’s mother Jennifer Brown, who is thankful to the Shriners. “They've taken away that pain and given him so much more than just the ability to walk.”

So how did Carter raise all that money? Simple.

“All you need to do it ask,” he said.

Though he had a little help from a football friend he met in Montreal – former Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo.

“When I met him back in 2012, it was just so amazing to see this young individual with so much life, speak,” he said.