Polling predicts the Bloc Quebecois will make gains on election day.

The party could take home more seats in Quebec than any other party on Monday, according to projection site 338canada.com.

The Bloc Quebecois' popularity is surging in rural ridings, and surprisingly, in some urban ridings too.

For eight years, the NDP has held the Laurier--Sainte-Marie riding on the island of Montreal. The party won it in the orange wave in 2011--before that, it was a Bloc stronghold. Now, polls show that three parties could win it on Monday: the NDP, the Liberals, or the Bloc.

"I think it's the party that will best defend the interests of Quebec," one voter told CTV News in the riding on Thursday. Others seem to agree. A Leger Marketing poll found support for the Bloc has increased by 13 per cent since July. The party is now tied with the Liberals in Quebec with 31 per cent support, according to the polling firm.

Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchet attributes the rise in his party's popularity to rising Quebec nationalism.

"I do believe there is an increase among Quebecers of the feeling that they are a nation, that they are entitled to it, that they do not have to ask permission to be a nation," he said.

Voters in Laurier--Sainte-Marie on Thursday told CTV News they were considering the Bloc because they were disappointed with other options.

"There were high expectations for Trudeau," one said. "But he didn't meet them."

"Trudeau promised a lot but hasn't delivered for Quebec," said another.

If voters carry similar feelings over to voting day, the Bloc, which lost official party status in 2011 and was down to just two seats in 2014, is poised to take home more than 30 seats.