It’s a big biker gathering coming to a little city.

More than 500 full patch and supporting members of the Hells Angels from across Canada will descend on St-Hyacinthe this weekend for their annual Canada Run event.

The event is held every summer at a different location in Canada. But if the bikers’ reputation precedes them, many St-Hyacinthe residents said they aren’t worried.

“We’ve never had a problem with them before,” said one resident. “If you don’t mess with their stuff, there’s no problem.”

While locals may be relaxed, the Surete du Quebec said they have a strong presence in the city during the event.

“I like to say, ‘They show their colours, we show ours,’” said SQ spokesperson Guy Lapointe. “So wherever they show up in numbers, whether it’s for a party, any kind of event, a boxing match, you name it. Whenever they show up to show their colours in great numbers, we do exactly the same.”

He reassured residents, saying that despite the bikers, St-Hyacinthe will be safe throughout the weekend.

“There’s no danger to the public, they’re not in the business of going after civilians or innocent people,” he said. “They’re really doing a show of force.”

Lapointe said the event is a chance for police to gather intelligence on the gang. He said Hells Angels control about 98 per cent of drug trafficking in Quebec and operate largely unopposed by other criminal organizations.

“They’re really strong and they don’t have any antagonists who are able to push them away from their dominant spot,” he said.