MONTREAL -- Craft enthusiasts across the world are working together to create tiny mittens, blankets and pouches for animals affected by the bushfires in Australia.

“We’re a bunch of crafters who decided to do something,” said Lachute resident Shana Panasuk, a Quebecer involved in the project. “We’re going to be asking for donations and looking for companies who can ship everything. Once we have a big box of stuff, we’re going to ship them ASAP.”

The international Animal Rescue Craft Guild has more than 83,000 members, and its Canadian sister collective, the Canadian Animal Rescue Craft group, has garnered more than 900 devoted crafters since its creation on Saturday.

“I’m making kangaroo pouches because I have a lot of flannel,” Panasuk told CTV News, adding it will take about 45 minutes to make each pouch. “Some of the animals are rescues, like kangaroos that lost their mothers, so they need the pouches so they feel safe and can develop normally.”

The knitters, crocheters and sewers are working around the clock to create as many items that the animals can use. Panasuk adds the group is actively looking for more volunteers to make everything from bat pillows to bird nests.

“As long as I have materials to make stuff with, that’s what I’m going to be doing for the next while,” she said. “Not everybody has $500,000 to give to an organization. We’re all just trying to do our part.”

She points out, for anyone looking to join the cause, getting the right materials for specific animals is important – otherwise, they may not use the handcrafted gifts.

All the information on templates, materials and what is needed can be found on the international Facebook page, as well as the Canadian Facebook group.

“We’re going to do as much as we can in a short time so we help now and not in six months,” Panasuk explained. “I just want to do my part.”

The latest numbers show that at least a billion animals have died since the fires started last September.

How you can help

Looking for ways to help from afar? Here is a list of ways you can get involved: