Those who think seniors just kick back and play canasta haven't met Terry Kivimaki.

The 86-year-old decided started playing ping pong four years ago.

Not only did she learn how to play, she won a gold medal at the 2010 Montreal Seniors Games.

"In the past few years as I've get older I've chosen to do something different everyday," she told CTV Montreal.

Since deciding to take up ping pong, Kivimaki hasn't looked back.

"In that short period of time, she was able to master the game to the point where she was joining tournaments," said Roger soriano of the Dollard des Ormeaux Seniors Club

Kivimaki won her gold against other beginner players over 50. But she doesn't play for the spotlight.

"I don't really play to win, I play to get better and to have fun," she said.

Volunteer coach Jeffrey Ting says terry always impresses him.

"Her reactions are amazing," he said. "I mean at her age...she still can react fast and adjust herself."

Paulette Siag, 75, just picked up ping pong six months ago. She says Terry's play is an inspiration.

"Oh yes I hope to be like her," she said. "I hope so."