A new bylaw in Ville-Marie will limit short-term rentals to Ste. Catherine Street between St. Mathieu and Amherst streets.

The motion was passed on Tuesday night at a borough council meeting.

Some residents are relieved, saying that the downtown core had become too populated with short-term rental units.

Airbnb has also been a target for complaints across Montreal.

Tour des Canadiens has been known to host tourists in town for a weekend, leaving a mess to clean up for those who live in the building year-round.

“We woke up the next morning and there was puke on the wall, puke on the carpet, the door was open the guys were passed out everywhere, looked like a bag of coke on the floor,” Real Carbonneau said.

He lives in the building year-round, but says that half of it is Airbnb renters.

Sometimes they pull the fire alarm as a joke in the middle of the night, causing everyone in the 50-story building to walk down to street level.

“We call the police all the time,” he said.

“The police are in the building every day, maybe five times a day.”

Airbnb supporters say their options are now limited thanks to the new bylaw. 

“As a landlord and someone who owns one unit, it’s taking choice from me,” Scott Laws said. He owns a single rental unit in the borough.

“They’re basically telling me who I can and can’t rent to.”

Airbnb proponents say the borough acted too early and should have waited for the Quebec government to clarify the situation as part of legislation that is expected to pass by the end of this week.