MONTREAL -- Admissions have been suspended on the 15th floor of the Montreal General Hospital after a COVID-19 outbreak.

Four patients, along with three healthcare workers, have been confirmed positive, the MUHC said in a statement on its website.

The MUHC said it is enforcing the following measures to keep the outbreak under control:

  • The 15th floor will not take any admissions for the time being until the outbreak is under control.
  • Patients that might have been exposed to the infected individuals are in isolation and are being monitored.
  • All admitted patients and healthcare workers on the floor will be tested for COVID-19 this week.
  • The Infection Prevention and Control department along with human resources are trying to trace the people that have been in close contact with the positive individuals.
  • Infection Control will be present on the floor to ensure measures are being respected.
  • Visits will only be allowed in exceptional cases.