College de Maisonneuve has confirmed Adil Charkaoui can continue teaching his classes under their roof if he agrees to at least one condition.

The school will hire an Arabic-speaking observer to make sure nothing that promotes hate or violence is taught during the classes.

“We just want to be sure our rules and values are respected,” said college spokesperson Brigitte Desjardins.

The school will also meet with parents and students to talk to them about radicalization.

Desjardins also said the school had a legal obligation to allow the courses to resume.

Charkaoui’s contract with the college was suspended last month after at least one of his students allegedly left Canada, possibly to join ISIS.

Ecole des Compagnons holds its classes at the college but is not officially affiliated with the institution. The college justified suspending the contract by saying its values were not in line with what Charkaoui was teaching.

Desjardins explained the school’s decision to suspend the contract was based on presumptions, and now that they’ve taken the time to look at the facts and have conversations with the RCMP they’ve decided to reinstate it.

But Charkaoui fired back, saying the suspension of his contract with the college amounted to a witch hunt. He also threatened legal action against the college.

He said his school teaches about 125 students Arabic, basic religion with the Qur’an, and some sports. He added that his school encourages students to embrace Quebec and helps de-radicalize youth.

Charkaoui's contract with College Rosemont was also suspended last month. A spokesperson for College Rosemont Thursday said their position has not changed.

The courses at College de Maisonneuve will resume Sunday.

Charkaoui, a Moroccan-born Montreal educator, lived under tight restrictions for several years after Ottawa accused him of being a terrorist. He was never charged.

After the Federal Court lifted the restrictions in 2009, Charkaoui sued Ottawa. He has since become a Canadian citizen.

-- with files from The Canadian Press