MONTREAL -- The City of Montreal has kicked off public meetings on its master plan for waste disposal over the next five years.

It’s part of Mayor Valérie Plante’s desire to transition to a zero waste future by 2030, an ambitious plan that requires each Montrealer reduce the amount of waste they produce by about 10 kilograms a year.

According to city officials, a remarkable of garbage and organic waste still ends up in landfill.

During Wednesday night's meeting, one resident pointed out that many parks, including on Mount Royal, do not currently have compost or recycling bins.

The city notes it is aware of the situation and is planning to gradually improve its recycling system in the coming years, including banning single-use plastics.

Officials say they are also hoping to encourage people to question their own consumption habits by opting for greener products and ‘reducing and reusing’ before buying.

The goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and better managing waste is part of a greater plan set out by the United Nations to fight climate change.

The meetings continue in January.