The 2019 federal election is less than a week away and the polls show a dead heat between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

Voters seem to be split, according to Philippe Fournier from The Tories may have taken a popularity hit in Quebec. Support for the Bloc Quebecois surged. NDP popularity is rising too.

And with only days to go before the polls close, one thing is sure:

"We have absolutely no idea how the election is going to turn out," the pollster declared.

The latest polls show that since the two French-language debates, the Bloc Quebecois has climbed 10 points in the polls. The party's newfound popularity could translate into a score of seats in parliament.

"When you gain momentum, it's really hard to stop," Fournier said of the Bloc.

The Conservatives, on the other hand, have floundered in Quebec since the beginning of the campaign. Without the province's support, Andrew Scheer is unlikely to secure a majority government. His party is still locked in a dead heat with Justin Trudeau's Liberals.

A minority government is likely, Fournier said, but who will come out on top on Monday is anyone's guess.