It’s a proposal from the CAQ that’s sure to be popular with Quebec kids.

As of the next school year, a 40-minute recess will be a requirement in all schools – a move the CAQ promised in its election campaign.

The CAQ says a longer recess is key to better health for children and better performance in school.

Schools across Quebec currently average about 30 minutes a day, in two slots of 15 minutes.

The CAQ will now enforce a minimum of 40 minutes a day for schools -- or two slots of 20 minutes.

“Some of the schools did go for 15 minutes and when you get the kids dressed, it kind of diminished the number of minutes they can spend outside. So 20 minutes is kind of a fair deal, so they can be outside and be playing, then they can go back to school and go back to class and be learning again,” explained Junior Education Minister Isabelle Charest.

The move is slated to begin by the beginning of the next school year.

  • Watch the interview above with Isabelle Charest for more information.