MONTREAL -- Youppi!, the Montreal Canadiens’ lovable and goofy orange mascot, has been inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

The announcement was made Wednesday night at the 2019 Fur Tie Fundraiser in Whiting, Ind.

Youppi!’s induction comes after a frenzied competition against ten other finalists.

There were more than 125,000 ballots submitted from 58 countries around the world.

In the end, the Habs’ beloved companion made it into the Hall of Fame, along with the Indiana Pacers’ Boomer, the Indianapolis Colts’ Blue and the Baltimore Orioles Bird.

“Bienvenue dans la classe 2020, Youppi!” the announcer declared – in French.


Despite there being a game against the Ottawa Senators in Montreal Wednesday night, Youppi! was on hand to receive his honour (don’t worry, the Habs still won).

The mascot, formerly of the Montreal Expos, hugged his fellow finalists in excitement before waving and blowing kisses to the audience.