After passionate debate at their annual convention, the youth wing of the Quebec Liberal Party rejected a proposal on Sunday to admit French-speaking students to English schools.

The proponents of the proposal argued that French schools in Montreal are overcrowded while the English school system is underutilized.

Matthew Quadrini, the delegate behind the proposal, said English-language educational institutions are in decline due to Bill 101. He argued for a pilot project in which 1,000 Francophone students would be admitted to English primary schools.

Those against the idea said it’s better to defend French while also offering better support to English schools.

After several lively exchanges, a majority of delegates voted against the proposal.

After the vote, Quebec’s Minister for the Charter of the French Language, Luc Fortin, said the vote was consistent with the government’s position. He said Quebec is enjoying a period of linguistic peace and the government did not intend to reopen debate around Bill 101.