The Quebec Liberal Party’s youth wing is getting ready for a big weekend gathering in Montreal.

The Young Liberals’ convention is often considered the unofficial start of the political season. With an election looming on Oct. 1, youth wing president Stephane Stril said his group’s members are hoping to make a big impression on the party’s platform.

“We have to launch a campaign showing that everyone’s on board, everyone’s excited,” he said. “Everyone wants to start the battle and I think that’s we’re going to show this Saturday.”

The group is made up of party members between the ages of 16 and 25. Stril said the group will focus their convention around issues relevant to millennials, such as education and culture, including the recent debate in the province around cultural appropriation.

Stril said one of the youth wing’s proposals is to make the participation of minorities and Indigenous people in cultural productions a factor in decisions on government funding.

“Quebec society is diverse. We have a lot of cultures and when we go to the theatre, we don’t want to only see one side of this culture,” he said. “I think we must see our diversity. People of colour must see themselves when they got to the theatre and see there’s also a place for them.”

While the Liberals recently released an attack ad on social media that targeted Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Francois Legault, Stril said he’s hoping for a positive campaign.

“When we stick to the facts, it’s okay,” he said.