A survivor of the Metropolis shooting gave an emotionally charged testimony on Tuesday at the Richard Bain trial.

The single bullet that killed stagehand Denis Blanchette also penetrated Dave Courage’s hip, causing massive internal damage.

When asked if he saw the shooter at the time, Courage became tense and emotional, saying that he didn’t see him at the time, but he saw him in the courtroom and pointed to the prisoner's box.

Courage described how he was about to light a cigarette outside the Metropolis when he felt a sharp pain, collapsed, and then found himself being dragged inside the concert hall.

Once in hospital, it was discovered the bullet had destroyed his coccyx and  some internal organs.

Courage said he can't sit nor stand for long, remains in deep pain, and was never able to return to work. He then turned to Bain, and said, “Thank you, you can smile away.”  Bain did not react to the comment.

Witness Claude-Jacques Roy explained how he went in the back door of the Metropolis to join the celebration.

He told the court that he heard the gunshot, saw Bain through the door and quickly realized what was going on.

Roy testified he told one of Pauline Marois's bodyguards that she should be escorted out.

He said his feeling was that this was a possible political assassination and ordered someone to keep the door shut. He was able to immediately give first-aid to Dave Courage and said he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder ever since.