MONTREAL -- It was a frosty start to May in Montreal and it looks like that trend will continue. Montrealers woke up Saturday morning with temperatures just above the freezing mark. And with wind gusts up around 60km/h the air certainly had a winter feel to it.

And we’re not alone. This first Monday of the month will feature below average temperatures in most Canadian cities with the jet stream running well to our south.

Montreal weather 1

The normal high for the first half of May in Montreal is about 17 degrees Celsius. And although we may get close at times, temperatures are expected to run below average for the first two weeks of the month. 

Montreal weather 2

A trough is expected to develop over our region into Mother’s Day that will continue to promote cool air. 

Montreal weather 3

Last year, many Montrealers celebrated mom outdoors, wearing winter coats, as the high struggled to get to double digits. But overall May 2020 saw bouts of unseasonably hot air. In fact, the city saw its first heatwave of the season beginning May 26 and on May 27 Montreal hit a record 36.6 degrees Celsius – the hottest springtime temperature ever and second highest temperature ever recorded in the city!

Montreal weather 4