In late March 2020, Amoti Furaha Lusi was working at seniors home in Dorval. She says she showed up to work and one of her coworkers was clearly sick.

“When I saw him, I said to him, what are you doing here,” Furaha Lusi said.

She says the employee denied being sick. Furaha Lusi decided to go see her manager, but she says her boss dismissed her concerns.

“My voice was not heard,” she said.

She says at the time, the establishment had almost no personal protective equipment (PPE). When they showed up to work, they were given one face mask.

A week later, Furaha Lusi tested positive for COVID-19.

A few days later, her husband, Desire Buna Ivara, also contracted the virus and spent a month in hospital. He died in May 2020.

Desire Buna Ivara

“It’s not easy. I suffered a lot with my children,” Furaha Lusi said.

She’s suing the West Island regional health authority and the two employees in a $2.3 million lawsuit alleging they were negligent. 

Desire Buna Ivara

After her husband’s death, a GoFundMe was set up in June 2020 and raised more than $100,000. Furaha Lusi says it’s been a big help, but no amount of money will bring back her husband.

The West Island regional health authority declined to comment on the lawsuit.