MONTREAL -- Businesses struggling to make deliveries in Montreal are finding that two wheels can be faster than four.

The bike delivery program was introduced by the city and was inspired by delays in Canada Post deliveries during the pandemic.

“With Canada Post, the delays were very long, but with the bike delivery system, it was very fast,” said Montreal executive committee memeber Luc Rabouin. “In the same day, or the day after, you can receive your order.”

Online orders are prepared in store and then picked up and delivered by a bike courier.

“It's a cargo bike, so they're able to take a lot of orders, which is good for us because we had a lot during the closing,” said Bouche Bee owner Marie Letard.

Clement Sabourin, who owns Courant Plus, one of the delivery companies involved in the project, said bikes allow for efficient delivery in dense neighbourhoods.

“We have some that can carry up to 500 pounds. That means being able, with just one bike, to deliver in one sequence up to 80 parcels,” he said.

About 8,000 deliveries have already been made and Rabouin said that due to the success, the delivery service will be offered year-round.

“This is what we have to do for the climate, for the quality of life,” he said. “It's the most efficient way to deliver rapidly things in a local neighbourhood.”