MONTREAL -- While the COVID-19 crisis has sent unemployment numbers skyrocketing across Canada, some of those who still have jobs are wondering whether enough is being done to protect their health.

One warehouse employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said he wonders why he is still being called in to work.

“We're not very essential, we provide undergarments,” he said.

He said while he's happy to still have a job, he worries about contamination in the workplace, which would jeopardize his health and that of his family.

“(I worry) if it stays on me and I give it to my parents or my child,” he said.

While the federal and provincial governments have unveiled a number of measures to prevent wage losses, some employment experts said concerned workers can't just walk off the job, even if they disagree with their employer on what safety measures have been put in place.

“From my point of view, employers and employees are trying to do their best to collaborate,” said labour lawyer Marianne Plamondon. “This is a social crisis and everyone is trying to find solutions.” 

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