At least two West Island schools are warning parents to be vigilant after a man in Pierrefonds charged with two counts of criminal harassment.

Acting on tips from parents at St. Anthony Elementary, police arrested Howard Krupp, 67, for allegedly stalking two young children in Kirkland.

Police say for several weeks, he waited for them to get off the bus and would walk them home.

“We saw him there, we questioned him, and identified him,” said Cmdr. Richard Thouin of the Montreal police.

Krupp, who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in 2000, lives a few blocks away from the school. He has been released on condition he stay away from children.

St. Anthony's sent out a letter to parents, to reassure parents, remind them to be careful, and warn their children about talking strangers.

“Our staff continues to be very vigilant and keep their eye out for anything that seems a little out of the ordinary,” said principal Joanne Malowany.

“I'm always telling them, and my husband is telling them, to be careful,” said parent Grace Lewis.

Krupp was sentenced to 18 months to be served in the community for the 2000 child porn charges. He later received a pardon and police say he was no longer on their radar.

No one answered the door at his Pierrefonds home Wednesday and Krupp refused to give CTV Montreal an interview over the phone.

Meantime police continue to search for potential victims.

“If there's any other person that thinks there was any harassment against children (we urge them) to come forward. The information is on our website,” said Thouin.

Police and public security have stepped up their patrols in Kirkland, and parents say they too are on high alert.

Krupp’s next court appearance is at the end of next January.