With thousands of Quebecers displaced due to flooding, their pets are also in precarious situations.

Like they did two years ago, the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital is offering free boarding for pets for their first 48 hours.

“If people are displaced and their pets need somewhere to stay while they get things organized, while they focus on saving their property, while they settle somewhere safe, then they can get dropped off,” said Dr. KJ Goldenberg of the hospital.

The hospital doesn’t normally offer boarding but does so for situations like this.

Dr. Goldenberg said that people in 2019 are far more organized than they were during the floods of 2017. 

“In 2017 we had a lot more emergency boarders coming in,” she said. 

“This year, it looks like a lot more people have contingency plans and they have friends and family.”

She did say that there have been more instances of lost pets this year compared to 2017. 

“There have been an awful lot of pets in our area that have been announced as lost,” she said. 

Other kennels have offered shelter for families that don't have the means to bring their pets with them upon leaving home, including Reves Canins in Saint Eustache.