MONTREAL - Montreal’s record-breaking 45-centimetre blowout snowstorm that began on Dec. 27 has still not been cleared in some west end streets, leaving many residents irritated at the delay.

“Wherever it snows, from the Antarctic to the Arctic Circle, this is the last place to have snow removal done, right here,” said NDG resident Bob McDevitt who lives on Melrose near Monkland where snow banks were still blocking sidewalks Sunday afternoon.

NDG residents say that they are frustrated that their streets and sidewalks are always among the last to be cleared.

“This is really disappointing because we pay a lot of taxes here and we're paying these politicians to do something for us, and I don't know what is it, but NDG is always the last streets to be done,” said NDG resident Yael Soussan.

A city of Montreal official said that residential streets are a borough responsibility.

“This is our top priority, the main streets, the metro entrances, the bus stops, the hospitals, and the schools are going to be accessible to Montrealers tomorrow,” said City of Montreal representative Jacques-Alain Lavallee.

McDevitt notes that longtime local borough mayor Michael Applebaum, who is now Montreal mayor, should have ensured that his local stomping grounds were better managed.