MONTREAL -- This weekend is shaping up to be an unpleasant one in Montreal, with Environment Canada warning of freezing rain and heavy winds headed for the area.

In a special weather statement issued Wednesday afternoon, the agency said a major low-pressure system will be making its way to southern Quebec on Saturday, bringing with it precipitation that will start off as rain in the morning but that will change to freezing rain by the evening.

Environment Canada said it did not have a precise forecast for how much freezing rain might fall, as the low-pressure system's track may yet change, but that it could be "significant" and may cause hazardous road and sidewalk conditions.

Making matters even less fun is that winds with gusts up to 60-70 km/h are also expected on Sunday; the combination of the freezing conditions and heavy winds might be enough to knock down branches, power lines and other structures.

The temperatures in Montreal will also be all over the map over the next few days, from a low of -17C Wednesday night to a high of 7C Saturday.