MONTREAL -- When temperatures take a 23-degree turn in a matter of hours, it's a safe bet we're in for wacky weather - and the weekend forecast for Montreal is proof of that.

Temperatures are forecast to hit a high of 10C on Saturday afternoon and reach a low of -13C on Sunday night.

Precipitation will, as a result, be all over the map: flurries that are expected Friday afternoon and evening will turn to rain by Saturday, which will in turn become freezing rain, possibly even ice pellets, through Sunday, and then back into snow Sunday evening.

Throw in winds that could gust as high as 70 km/h - forecast in a special weather statement issued by Environment Canada earlier this week - and the condtions are ripe for power failures, dangerous roads and sidewalks and travel delays.

Our recommendation: stay home if you can; plan ahead if you must go out.

And be safe out there.