A morbid spin on life after death is being built Montreal.

Zombies are roaming through part of St. Leonard as a local company creates an immersive entertainment experience based on the TV show Fear the Walking Dead.

The show takes place as society falls apart when the dead return to life with a taste for human flesh.

Actors and animatronic robots combine to scare customers witless as zombies take over a military installation -- just like on TV.

Walking Dead fan Jason Rockman enjoyed it, but admitted that "I'm getting a little scared now."

Participants get to fight off zombies, shoot them on giant screens (remember to go for the brain) and dodge copious amounts of (fake) blood.

Ernest Yale, the founder and CEO of the company that is putting the attraction together, says fans of haunted houses and mazes should love what Triotech has done.

"More than 75 million people have done Triotech experiences. Last year 18 million people have done Triotech experiences on every continent. In Asia, the Americas, the Middle East. All over the world," said Yale.

Triotech is working out all the kinks in Montreal, then will move everything to its permanent home in Las Vegas this summer.