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Visitors to the Magdalen Islands could soon pay a $30 tourist fee


Visitors to Quebec’s Magdalen Islands could soon have to pay a $30 tourist fee between May 1 and Oct. 14.

The fee would apply to visitors 13 years and older to a maximum of $100 per family. Once paid, tourists would receive a QR code to be scanned before departure or face a penalty of up to $1,000.

The Magdalen Islands expects this could bring in a $1 million this year alone. The money would be placed into a trust to preserve the islands.

"We put the accent into the preservation of our wonderful territory because that's one of the main attractions to the Magdalen Islands," said Mayor Antonin Valiquette.

In recent years, the region has seen a boom in tourism, mainly thanks to provincial travel restrictions during the pandemic. It reached record numbers in 2022 with 73,300 visitors. According to Statistics Canada the year-round population of the islands is 12,190.

While the idea has been debated for years, the Chamber of Commerce for the Magdalen Islands said it's bad timing to implement now as inflation rates remain high and with more travel options, it expects a dip in tourism level.

"It’s not complicated," said Alexandre Lavoie, general manager of the chamber of commerce. "The Islands are about fishing and tourism. If one of those areas struggles it affects everyone."

The final vote on the fee, which is expected to be a formality, is on April 9. Top Stories

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