MONTREAL -- For those still aching to tee off and swing an iron during the winter months, there is an indoor golf tour in town where you can leave your winter coat and boots at the door.

Norm Poisson is in his third year of a 32-man virtual golf league.

"(It's) 72 degrees. It's nice. It's warm (and) no snow," he said. "That's the important thing."

Carlo Blanchard has owned his Centre de Golf for seven years. He is a golf pro and analyst with RDS, and says his golf simulators are the most realistic he's ever played.

"It's very precise and when I tried these myself, I could hit exactly my distance that I hit outside," he said.

For avid golfers, taking a trip to the virtual links is a great way to stay sharp through the snow and ice of winter.

"If we don't practice, it takes a couple of weeks to get a beautiful swing," said Poisson.

The centre has over 100 courses to choose from including Augusta National, home of the Masters.

Benoit Rocheleau is an admitted golf obsessive, who plays more than 150 rounds a year at a price tag of around $10,000.

"It's a lot of money for me, but it's worth it," he said. "And it's worth it for my wife as well because she doesn't have me at home all the time."

Rocheleau is the caddy for his foursome on the virtual tour setting targets on the green and making sure they select the proper club.