With a two-metre high fence unable to stop thieves from making off with patio furniture, business owners in Verdun are taking steps to increase security around their establishments.

"We're going to put cameras and alarms. We have no choice," said Mellanie Thibeault.

The owner of Cha Noir tea shop had her entire patio set stolen this past Sunday night.

"They broke the fence here, they probably had some tools for it," she told CTV News, pointing out the damaged enclosure.

"It's frustrating because we work so hard and we spend so much energy on that so it's hard to re-do everything," said Thibeault.

She estimated the value of the stolen furniture at about $2,000. The cost to replace it came out of her own pocket.

Other business owners are concerned, noting that making off with tables and chairs isn't a simple task.

"I would feel personally attacked," said Sophie Bergeron, owner of nearby Balconville.

"It's quite a private terrasse. There's a door, but it's in the back. You feel like it's your own.

Down the street store owners contend with vandalism on a regular basis.

Evan Daubeny, owner of the Baobob Café, goes through a can of paint a year covering up the work of vandals.

"It's upwards of $30-$40 for a can of the exterior paint to make sure it's well-protected," said Daubeny.

The building's owner told Daubeny that taggers have been a nuisance part of life in the area for the past decade.

"This area is changing a lot and there's lots of development and it seems like that's the part that's stuck around. A lot of people try not to think about it but it's still here," said Daubeny.

.Borough Mayor Jean-Francois Parenteau said steps are going to be taken to battle theft and graffiti.

Police officers will conduct more patrols this summer, while police cadets will check in with businesses.

"It's really stupid to steal like this. For us it's really important to make sure we have a security feeling, and I really don't appreciate that,' said Parenteau with regards to the theft.