MONTREAL - Police discovered the body of a dead man in Vercheres Friday near the home of a man they had come to arrest.

The suspect allegedly attacked the town's General Manager Luc Forcier and his deputy at town hall with a knife early Friday afternoon.

They were brought to hospital but their lives are not in danger.

Police soon learned that a third man, the suspect's neighbour, whose body was later found near the suspect's home, was less fortunate.

The suspect, aged 70, was overpowered during his attack on town hall by the fire chief  who happened to be visiting the office at that time. He detained the suspect for several minutes until police arrived.

The suspect has a long history of mental disorders, according to police.

"For about 10 years he has had issues of mental health," said police officer Michel Lefebvre. "Is that what led him to do that today he took medications and forget to take them today? The investigation will determine that."

The dead body found later by police was apparently a neighbour of the suspect in the knife attack. He was aged 80.

The two were known to have had a longstanding dispute concerning their neighbouring properties.

The suspect had taken the issue to the municipal authorities but had not received satisfaction.

The victim was found with his throat cut. He is believed to have been killed prior to the suspect's visit to town hall. 

The suspect will face charges in court Monday including for first degree murder.

Vercheres is a town of 5,200 located 38 kilometers northeast of Montreal.