MONTREAL -- How do you stick to a plant-based diet without sacrificing sweet tooth cravings?

Sophie Sucree Bakery is one option, as it's a vegan shop that specializes in indulgent treats.

"With every recipe, we try to see what ingredients were traditionally used, and what role they play," said owner Milene Laoun. "The butter will add a lot of taste and flavour, but also the moisture, the crisp on the outside of the cookie, so we try always to see what ingredients we're going to be substituting, what their function is, and how we're going to replace them with something that tastes just as good."

The team at Sophie Sucree works to perfect classic recipes but replaces animal-based ingredients like milk and eggs with plant-based substitutes.

However, nothing is artificial.

"We use a lot of coconut oil here, (and) we use some sunflower oil depending on the type of cookie," said Laoun. "We use flax instead of eggs, so you still get the moisture, you still get the chewiness, but without the animal products."

The Plateau bakery has become a destination location for those searching for cookies, puff pastries and other baked delights.

In January, often those trying out 'Veganuary' will swing by the shop for the 31-day challenge to stay away from animal-based food.

"At the beginning of the year, we're sort of all evaluating how we live and it's a nice time to try something new," said Laoun.

The goal is to improve animal welfare for the owner, who said new customers are often surprised at the quality of the treats.

"Vegans will come in and often times they're first in disbelief that everything's vegan," she said. "That's what we're trying to supply is a very similar taste to what is nostalgic for people. What we have in our memories from childhood."