MONTREAL -- Update: On Friday, Nov. 22, the city of Saint-Eustache announced that tests have shown water from the city's supply is safe to drink again, and that it has lifted the boil-water advisory it issued Wednesday.


The city of Saint-Eustache, about 30 km northwest of Montreal, has issued a mandatory boil-water advisory after E. coli was found in a sample taken from the city's water supply.

The order, which is in effect until further notice, calls on residents to boil water for at least three minutes before drinking it.

The city is also asking residents to use boiled or bottled water for the following:

  • preparing beverages, juice or hot drinks
  • preparing baby bottles
  • washing fruits and vegetables that are to be eaten raw
  • preparing food
  • making ice cubes
  • brushing teeth

Residents are also being asked to wash dishes using hot water and detergent, and to let the dishes dry. 

The city says tap water is safe for any other use, including washing clothes and taking baths or showers.