MONTREAL -- New documents made public Thursday morning, following the lifting of a publication ban, reveal hidden fundraising tactics by the Quebec Liberal Party during the Charest years.

Marc Bibeau, a former fundraiser for the Quebec Liberal Party, fought in court to avoid disclosing the contents of two warrants by Quebec's anti-corruption squad UPAC that targeted him in 2016.

The Supreme Court gave the green light to lift the publication ban on these documents. The media consortium - made up of La Presse, QMI and The Gazette - released details in the minutes that followed.

La Presse reported that leaders of engineering firms confirmed to police that their companies were funding the Quebec Liberals with nomination schemes or payment of bonuses. They say they experienced fear, intimidation and even threats from Bibeau to give money.

UPAC's Machurer investigation, which began in 2014, focused on political financing and the awarding of public contracts in Quebec. No charges have been laid against Bibeau or former Quebec premier Jean Charest so far.

In a statement, Bibeau said he wanted to "reaffirm his integrity and maintains that he will continue to assert his rights," adding that "his political commitment has always been freely, voluntarily, out of personal conviction and in accordance with the laws."

No further comments will be made, the statement read.

With files from CTV News Montreal.