Claude Forget, who shot two Montreal police officers on May 21, 1993, is back behind bars after allegedly violating the conditions of his release.

Forget was released in April after serving a lengthy prison term, but was arrested Wednesday and appeared in court Thursday on one charge of breach of conditions.

He will also appear in Drummondville court for a separate case of failing to respect article 810, which demands good conduct.

Forget, now 58, shot officers Walter Filipas and Lucy Krasowski in Dominion Square in downtown Montreal. Both survived with serious injuries.

Forget then opted to serve out his entire 20-year prison sentence - plus another eight years for a separate armed robbery charge - rather than seek parole.

Nonetheless he was not released without conditions.

Forget has never shown any remorse for the crime and refused to participate in prison programs designed to help rehabilitate him.

“He does not like authority, he never did. He’s a narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical person,” Filipas told CTV Montreal in April.

But Filipas said that he bears no ill-will towards Forget.