Police in Beloeil will talk to three teenagers involved in a videotaped fight that happened earlier this week in a shopping mall parking lot.

The video shows two girls physically attacking and hurling insults at a smaller boy, who goes to great lengths not to fight back against the girls.

One of the girls filmed the incident and posted it to Facebook, where it was soon removed from the girl's account but not before other people had captured and reposted the video.

The video shows a adult driving by and telling the teenagers to stop, and asking if everything is all right. After being told repeatedly to leave by the girls the driver does.

With the adult gone girls then continued their attack, at one point handing off the camera so they could both hit the boy.

Sergeant Pierre Tremblay of the Richelieu-St. Laurent police force said officers learned of the video Thursday morning and quickly determined the identity of the three youths involved.

All three youths will be questioned by police on Thursday.

Because the three people involved are minors and can be clearly identified by the video, CTV News has decided to blur their faces.